Womb Ov Sheol [split]

by Sodomic Baptism & Corona Barathri



Corona Barathri - Pro Inferis [Intro]
Sodomic Baptism - Samael: Angel Ov Death
Corona Barathri - Shir haMavet [SMAL - SHIR HMVT] (feat. Infernvs)
Sodomic Baptism - Conception Ov Beast
Corona Barathri - Malka Sheol [LILIT - MLKH HSHAWL]
Sodomic Baptism - Legio Noctis
Corona Barathri - Cradle Ov Nahemoth

Noctivagant Collective: noctivagantcollective.bandcamp.com/album/womb-ov-sheol

Noctivagant Promo - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qacx5u7p-60
Teaser Video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=XruUySJ-ytU
Official Video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=igaFgHqKQ-k

The collaboration of the occult project Corona Barathri, recorded in conjunction with the project Sodomic Baptism. In the release are combined two music genre - ritual dark ambient and satanic death metal.
The concept of the release is based on the Unholy Trinity.

I. Samael (Father of Demons, Devil of Poison)
II. Lilith Nahema ( Mother of all Sinister and Unholy)
III. Cradle Ov Nahemoth ( Conception of the Beast, the birth of the Antichristus) in metaphysical understanding - the birth of Children of the Night, as the set of all Dark souls on earth.

Сult support:

Exsecramantum - exsecramentum.com
Luna Atra - lunaatra.org
released April 22, 2017

Corona Barathri:

All songs wrote records between January to March of 2017
Affectvs - darkest soundscapes
Kein (Sol Mortuus) - ritual instruments, mastering
Fosco Culto (Lamia Culta) - artwork, vocal
Mastered at IHF studio by Kein
Designed by Kirill Svart

Sodomic Baptism:

Alexis Tetin - guitar, bass guitar, keyboards
Alex Tetin - voice, lyrics
SP - guitar
created by Alexis Tetin
SP plays Mayones guitars
Studio EverestMedia


released April 22, 2017



Sodomic Baptism Belarus

Alexis and Alex Tetin's frontman Happy Face and Ann Core, collected satanic death metal band Sodomic Baptism.

The band's current lineup includes two members:
Alexis Tetin - guitar, bass guitar
Alex Tetin - voice, lyrics

*created by Alexis Tetin

Black Fire Pandemonium (2014) EP
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